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I just downloaded Mumble today and still getting use to this application however based on my observations I would like to make the following suggestions.

On my Android handset I have a "Speak" button which I can toggle on or off, for the Windows client there is no such toggle button.

There is however PTT but voice is only active for the duration of the key press if I wanted longer duration I would have to hold the key longer (not convenient) or go into the program menus and enable voice activity or continuos mode.

Wouldn't it simplify things if these options were expose from the application toolbar?

As for the Android client this works well on my ZTE Racer but when it idles (screen blank) wifi access is turned off resulting in Mumble disconnecting from the server.

It would be really nice if Mumble could automatically re-connect from being disconnected in case of server restart or connectivity issues.

Richard S.

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