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Android connection to server


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I recently downloaded the Mumble app for my Android 2.2 powered phone. (Motorola Flip-Side, used Marketplace) I have Mumble on my desktop (Win7) and works fine. However, when I try to use my phone to connect to the same private server (Murmur is running in a Unix based system. Ubuntu I believe) it won't connect. I don't get a dialog box telling me why it won't connect, it just returns to the channel select screen. I have copied the same information from the connection for the desktop version, however in the Android version there is another field that is not on the desktop version, a password. I have tried leaving this blank, entering a new password, and entering the password for the server, and it still won't connect. I have also tried using the same username as the one I use on my desktop, as well as creating a unique username, both do not work. I have also tried every combination of username and password.

I did notice that Mumble on my desktop has to auto create a certificate during each use because the server does not have a valid certificate or something. Is it that the Android version does not allow for this? Again, I don't get a dialog box explaining the lack of connection. It just returns to the channel select screen.

Is it just simply that Mumble is not supported on my phone? Is there a version of Android that the mobile version of Mumble will work on? I am getting close to getting a new phone anyway and want to look out for the correct version.

Thanks for the help. I would like to use this as quick communication between two rooms without having to use a text based program, or minutes on a cell phone, where one room does not have a computer, but the other does. The building we would be in has wi-fi available.

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