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Mumble doesn't detect mouse5 button for PTT


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This is my primary hurdle to moving to Mumble. With vent there where PTT functions. My Logitech keyboard could map a GKey to "Vent PTT" and it worked. In mumble it has to be a real key. But I play alot of different games, so what key can I map for PTT that isn't used by something else? Nothing. I'm left changing the PTT mapping on my GKey every other game. I can even map the keyboard to a defunct key like F13. But Mumble does not accept F13-F15.

And before anyone tries to be helpful with a "use mouse button x" that doesn't work for me. All my mouse buttons are mapped for game tasks. I need something I don't use that I can map to G6, or I need to use Vent.

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