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Certificate SSL


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I have a problem with my server mumble. When i try to connect a certificate request to accept it.

I accept but this message pop all time and i can't connect on my server.

I use this version 1.2.3a, i try to reinstall this version or a old version, the problem is always here and i try to launch mumble in administrator.

Have you got an idea ?

My Os : windows 7

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This is a sign that Mumble can't write the hash of the certificate you're accepting as trusted into its database.

I can't really come up with reasons right now why that would happen, but it might lead you on the right track.

If you're running a standard Mumble install, take a look in %APPDATA%/Mumble (paste this into a Windows Explorer address bar, or the Run dialog) and check whether there's really a mumble.sqlite in there. If there is, maybe make a backup of it, and see whether Mumble is willing to recreate it.


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i think i found a fix so follow instructions ( you will lose your favorites and you will have to change your user name on the servers that u went on before)

first if you want to keep your favorite servers create a text document then right click on your favorite servers then click edit copy all the information from that into the text document then save the text document to your desktop

now go to start menu and type run

then type %appdata%

a folder should pop up then find a folder called mumble

copy the folder and then paste it onto your desktop just as a back up

now go back to the mumble folder in %appdata% and delete it (mumble must be closed)

now reopen mumble, click add server put in the server info and change your username just slightly different from your old one

if it says server presented certificate which failed verification just click yes and it should allow you in the server now

im not sure if you are having the same problem as me because you didnt put enough information in your post but i hope this helps

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