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Mumble crash on Start


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My mumble crashes on start-up.

What happens:

I double click the icon nothing visually happens except for a 2 ( sometimes 5 ) second load icon. after that we're back to start.

What I've tried:

- My first though were re installing. Done this about 20 times now different versions different websites ( sourceforge etc) making sure i had the latest version.

- Checked the forums.

- Disabled windows firewall and F-secure.

- restarted my computer

- Disabled several pieces of hardware ( headset,mouse,keyboard)

ended up checking task manager. and as i presumed it pops up for 2 to 5 seconds and then disappears. I don't know how people in other topics get these nice error reports otherwise i could have posted something like that ( if possible within 5 seconds) but it seems dead to me.

What has changed ?

Last week i have bought a new mouse ( android r.a.t 3) and a new headset ( logitech ) however it was fine with these changes/drivers. Yesterday however i got my new wacom tablet ( graphire 5 medium). I cannot imagine this interfering. especially considering it wasn't attached ( nor is now ) while i'm trying to start mumble.

Could someone please help me out. i will need mumble tonight and would love to use it.

Thanks, Digii.

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