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mumble is wildly popular among citizen's working groups, some of them even large.

to facilitate group talks, it would be great, if there was a simple first-in-first-out speakers queue like in paltalk. :mrgreen:

just a simple display to keep track of who first "raised his hand" to speak up.

also, if listeners had a way to non verbally signal to the speaker to please hurry up a little ("stfu - button") by means e.g. of a green light turning more reddish with every listener clicking "stfu", groups could collaborate more efficiently. :mrgreen:

could one do such things via scripting ?

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Could be done as a serverside script with chat integration. You'd write something like:


And be added to the speakers queue. Being on top of the speakers queue could result in being allotted a specific amount of time to speak and automatically being muted afterwards.

Unfortunately real gui integration like you described (besides chat commands/replies) cannot currently be done with mumble.

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