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Problem SuperUser


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I currently have several servers using MySQL Mumble.

When I log in on some server SuperUser no password is required and I find myself connected with the pseudo SuperUser like any other user ...

Do you have a solution ?

Is there also a command that checks the error of the database ?


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"on some server"

does that mean it's not on all MySQL-using servers?

Is the superuser pw set?

Do you have it in your access-tokens (passwords) list? (client)

The server log should at least write about you connecting. If you're logging in about that as well. Maybe it does state something?

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On mumble-server.log:


<W>2010-04-13 18:54:39.400 12 => <2:(-1)> New connection:
<W>2010-04-13 18:54:40.085 12 => <2:(-1)> Client version 1.2.3 (Win: 95c274)
<W>2010-04-13 18:54:40.715 12 => Starting voice thread
<W>2010-04-13 18:54:40.932 12 => CELT codec switch ffffffff8000000b 0 (prefer ffffffff8000000b)
<W>2010-04-13 18:54:41.096 12 => <2:SuperUser(-1)> Authenticated



server_id = 12

murmur_users = No user on the server 12

murmur_user_info = No user on the server 12

If i use dbus:

dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=net.sourceforge.mumble.murmur --type=method_call / net.sourceforge.mumble.Meta.setSuperUserPassword int32:12 string:MyPassword

Same problem, No SuperUser password required.

If i reboot my server, all SuperUser Password are reset.

Where SuperUser Password stored ?

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Look my problem

I HAVE 73 Mumble Server on my Database

I have restarted my server yesterday and now i have just 2 User with 0 user_id ! :arrow: http://www.monsterup.com/upload/1271262128386.jpg

I have restarted my server now and in my database i have all SuperUser Account. :arrow: http://www.monsterup.com/upload/1271262183877.jpg

Between yesterday and today I see nothing in the logs that talks about removing SuperUser Account

it's a bug or a server hack?

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