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Can't Hear others in mumble


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I downloaded it for the first time today. I have ussed Vent, Teamspeak, Skype today and they all work fine. I have sound in SWTOR WOW and others I can hear all sound in all my media players. However only in mumble can they hear me but I cannot hear them. I have my headset selected as my input and output. I can hear myself when running the audio wizard. I have the loopback set to server as suggested. I made my security certificate as suggested. I created a firewall rule for the port that the server was using, still I cannot hear anyone in mumble only.


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I could really use some help with this so I can raid in SWTOR. I can use teamspeak and vent just fine. I have sounds in everything games, internet etc, just when I log into mumble I can hear for just a few seconds, thenit goes to me not hearing them but they type in guild chat that they can hear my just fine. I have gone through the audio wizard and video and followed it step by step. I can hear myself talk, my headsets are selected and are not showing default. I really need to get mumble working please.

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So you can hear others fine for some time, after you connected to the server?

That’s an important bit of information.

Try disabling QoS in Mumbles network settings.

When you test yourself with the server loopback, the issue does not occur? Even after an adequate time, where it would happen with the other ppl?

Does it only occur when you start/tab into SWOTR etc?

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