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Client startup very slow/unresponsive


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I've had Mumble for a while now and have used it occasionally. On my computer, it was always difficult to start Mumble, but not like it is now.

When I start Mumble, the main Mumble window and the Mumble Server Connect window both appear very quickly but will take 5-10 minutes to actually start working. During this time, the windows will remain on screen but will be unresponsive (sometimes switching to responsive for a couple seconds at a time).

I thought this might be an update issue, since the current version on the website says 1.2.3a and my Mumble version said 1.2.3. A reinstall later, my version still said 1.2.3 instead of 1.2.3a and the slow startup issue was still there.

My random guess is that when mumble starts, it might be looking for all available servers which might take a while. If that is the case, I don't need it to do that for my purposes.

Are there any known issues/fixes that apply to this?

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Mumble does not pull the list of all servers.

Instead, it AFAIK only pulls the list of servers which is displayed.

Meaning, if you have (a) favorite(s), it will not pull a list at all.

AFAIK what really causes the long startup time is the application loading the Qt library files (DLLs).

This is by design.

But it should definitely not take 5 Minutes.

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