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The "expired certificate" bug stays with all versions


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Hi folks,


OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit + Sercive Pack 1

firewall - COMODO internet security premium


I keep getting this "expired certificate" bug where it says “A referral was returned by the server”.

There are plenty of manuals on the i-net to solve this problem, but none of them work for me.

So, what shall I do different to solve it ?

my approach:

1. I deinstall mumble by system configuration -> deinstall programs

2. I download a mumble version

3. I install it on D:, so not on my system storage medium

4. I'm getting this bug instead of that mumble runs; no matter if I start mumble.exe as admin or normal

5. I exchange mumble.exe by the resigned binary version of this exe file"

6. I repeat what I do on 4. and still get the bug

this happens with the following versions:

- 1.2.3a (Stable) and 1.2.3-361-ga2a3836 (1.2.3 Developer Snapshot) from http://mumble.sourceforge.net/

- the actual snapshot version, which is linked at point 2 from http://natenom.name/2012/01/neues-von-mumble-losung-fur-den-fehler-eine-referenzauswertung-wurde-vom-server-zuruckgesendet/

- 1.2.3a from http://www.voip.software.qso4you.com


I assume that a once installed mumble version is not completely and clearly deleted, but I have no clue how to check this and where else to

delete something. I'm carrying this issue a long time with me and it could be, that once I've tried installing mumble on my system storage medium C:, as well.

Fact is, the program folder of D: always has no mumble after deleting it and on C: the program folder doesn't contain mumble either.

I hope you can help me, because it's a really annoying bug and I need mumble to run...

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Same problem, same operating system as tequilasunriser. But I'm operating through a VPN.

After uninstalling mumble, I deleted manually all entries and values with the string "mumble" from windows registry.

However after installing again mumble 1.2.3a, the problem was still the same: “A referral was returned by the server”. :cry:

I have just heard about other two fellows in my company with same problem. But it works properly for dozens of them, including some with same operating system like mine (win7-64).

Any idea or suggestion?

Thank you

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