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Mumble has become almost unusable for me.

My Ptt button becomes extremely unresponsive or laggy whenever any other user talks or i talk several times in a row. It can take up to a minuet for me to regain the ability to speak. i have tried all manners of uninstalls, reinstalls, driver updates and otherwise obliterating anything that could possibly be causing the issue. The button used for PTT does not matter, voice activation is just as unresponsive and continuous is not a viable solution.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this i would be greatly appreciative.

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After a mumble restart, it works normally again?

I’d have suggested (faulty) drivers, but you said you already updated.

When Mumble becomes unresponsive, can you still use other programs without any delay or problems?

Did you fiddle with process priorities? Maybe you can try that (slightly, don't go to "realtime" and the like :) ).

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