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We can hear, even when released our push to talk button.


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First time we use this, mumble and murmur, I got murmur running.

But, I can hear my friend talking without his push to talk buttom down, and he can hear me even when my push to talk button is not in use.

No marker lights in mumble when this happens, if we sit with a headset on and talk through the push to talk button and when I release the button, so I can start talking without clicking down the push to talk button, he can hear me anyway. And the same goes for my friend, I hear him but he clicks on the push to talk button.

It sounds like he's talking through a pillow, but you hear what he says and I can read what he says.

Earlier today, we sat and talked, and I did release my push to talk button and I yawned.

Directly he asked me if I yawn, he heard that I yawned.

What's wrong and how do I fix the error?

Sorry for bad English, Google Translate

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This really looks strange. Are you sure you have configured push-to-talk in Audio Input settings correctly? Can you post screens with your Audio Input and Shortcuts settings? Sorry for the question, but I think it shoul be asked to rule out the simplest possibilities.

By the way from which language are you translating?

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