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sorry i will try to make this as short as i can wanted a game and there download was kinda bad to my connection used vpn to get and all was good mumble was working perfect the game had a patch so used vpn as it was still in beta so server was not really stable forgot about the vpn connection btw it's not some thing u download it's a setup payed for too i didn't mind it since needed it for that time only now got on mumble and vpn showed i am from uk when the patch was down i turned it back to my normal connection mumble d/c and i was it's ok nothing big but now since god only know's how long can't get on the server i can using a vpn but not the normal connection got on the forum's asked some one to reset my info it was down but now i lost my nick and can't log on this is my log

[9:54:50 AM] Welcome to Mumble.

[9:54:52 AM] Connecting to server east2.voice.enjin.com.

[9:55:22 AM] Disconnected from server.

[9:56:53 AM] Mumble failed to retrieve version information from the central server.

now the game server is much batter but i can't stop paying for the vpn coz of this problem so if some one can help me it would be super great other from place can get on mumble btw so i am at lest sure not isp problem or as they say 100% of the time

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Check your Mumbles network settings, if it is configured to use a proxy or sth.

Can you connect to other Mumble servers?

So, is it actually a connecting to a mumble server problem? Just that it can't get mumble version information? Both?

As you say everything works through a vpn connection, the issue is somewhere in your network setup.

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sorry for been late was trying to chk if it's from isp + some health problem's now it's batter

ok it's both connecting to a mumble server problem and can't get mumble version information jumped on other voice chat so i can make it's not me i could use vent and team speak both working and for mumble it's not only one server it's any server on mumble

btw a friend of a friend had the same problem and he said it was since he used vpn too as it show's you are in another place and then when u turn it off it change's so fast the main server that has all the update's and all blocks you that's at lest what i got from him now sure if it's the same problem as vpn that i used showed i was in us but then less then 5 min later i log on from middle east and yes the vpn i used was showing i'm from us while i am in the middle east

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