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Errors Connecting to Murmur with Ice


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I'm trying to connect to Murmur with Ice using C++ in a Visual Studio 2010 project, and I'm having much difficulty. I have Ice and Murmur both installed and set up properly (to the best of my knowledge).

Murmur is running, and netstat shows me that port 6502 is open and listening. I can add slice files to a C++ project and I can build and compile a simple console app that includes slice files and even that initializes an Ice communicator. However, when I try to create the proxy from this communicator, I get an IdentityParseException from Ice. The line of code causing the error is:

Ice::ObjectPrx proxy = communicator->stringToProxy("Meta:tcp -p 6502 -h");


According to ZeroC's documentation, IdentityParseException has a member, "str", that contains the value of the "stringified identity" causing the issue. It seems obvious to me this should contain "Meta:tcp -p 6502 -h", however it actually contains a very large string that ranges in size but is roughly 10,000,000 characters long and looks something like:

├ÉÉÉÉÉï Uï∞â∞(SVWìz°Ç⌂♣☼äâJ♠ ïï≈┴ε♥3≡35ñ Θwë}ⁿ3±

I get the same results whether or not Murmur is actually running.

I am grateful for any help anyone can give about this error, or even just about using Murmur with Ice, since I've already faced several hurdles getting to this point and anticipate more once this is resolved.

Thank you.

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