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Mumble overlay does not work and crashes during game


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I've generally had mumble work well on both of my computers up until this point, however, for some reason lately on this computer it has been not showing the Overlay in games, and after I have started the game it will proceed to crash silently behind the game. This happens with all of the games on my computer, I am currently running Windows 7 OS, up until a few months ago it was working perfectly fine. I will notice mumble crash when suddenly my camera speed (when moving with my mouse) becomes very shaky and rough, as opposed to the normally smooth camera turning. When I alt-tab out of my program, I click on mumble and I can get no response from the program, the X and Minimize buttons on the top do not light up when I hover the cursor over them, and whoever was talking last when it started to crash will have their "Mouth" icon lit up. While it is in this "Crashed State" I can not use my microphone (meaning no one can hear me) but I can hear their transmissions fine for a short while, before mumble completely crashes and forcefully Alt-Tab's me to inform me that it has done so. I sincerely doubt that this has anything to do with the directx11 issues common to the overlay, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program a total of 8 times now, with no sign of improvement. I have gone through every compatibility setting, I am running it as administrator, and I have the button clicked that says "Show Overlay".

I have no explanation for this, and I have sent NUMEROUS bug reports concerning this, with none of them getting any sort of reply. Any help would be great.


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