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Hi, I bought new pc and now i cant speak with my friends on that. I join to server and I cant go to any room.

My friend tell me on TS I disconnected after few secs. But I see me on mumble always :(

Only way to turn off mumble is via task manager.

Mumble dont say anything, no message.

New PC have windows 7 64bit and old 32bit. Old PC was all OK.


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Hi, when I disabled QoS in mumble so i can join, switch channels, after is QoS enabled a only join and after few secs Iam kicked. When I speak, friends hear me, But I cant hear them. What is wrong?

So, can you talk when QoS is disabled?

As QoS seems to be your issue, it’s an issue with your flawed/broken network drivers or network router.

Using Mumble without QoS is your way to go then. It does not have such a bad implication as using TCP-mode has.

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