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Cannot install Mumble


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I had mumble installed on a different hard drive, it crashed and needed to be replaced. That was my E:\ drive.

Now I have re-downloaded mumble and i keep getting the same error: The folder path 'Program Files (x86)' contains an invalid character

I have tried to uninstall the program from control panel and I get the exact same message. I cannot change, repair, install or uninstall the old mumble.

How can i install this mumble and get it working?

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Uh … there shouldn’t be an invalid character there …

Anyway, as a workaround you could remove the installation information from your registry.

Search for mumble in regedit and remove the entry under Installer and Products.

Make sure to back the data up, I have not tried that nor heard of anyone trying.

Alternatively you may want to use a neat tool for removing installation-data (the data you find under programs and features in your control panel, you mentioned).

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