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Can't Hear Others after 10-60 sec


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I came across this forum when looking for others with my Mumble problem, and didn't see any. The problem is this (and I'm on Windows 7 with updated drivers):

For the first 10-60 seconds, I can hear others on Mumble and they can hear me. But after some short interval, I can no longer hear them though they can still hear me. If I log off and log back on, I can hear them before another 10-60 seconds before the problem strikes again. They'll speak, and I don't even see the icon next to them light up. Nobody is muted, and I'm not deafened.

I checked with Comcast just in case, and there's no traffic being throttled, and no packet loss.

I've reinstalled multiple times, reset back to default, and I have absolutely no idea what to do anymore. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.


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