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Problem (bug?) using authenticator.


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I'm using phpbb3 python auth. After I successfully log in with a proper user (and password) I can login from another client with any user (with or without password) but only for something like 10 seconds. After that the auth works until another successfull login.

Looking at logs I'm getting a weird error:


2012-07-29 23:46:41,803 WARNING dispatch exception: Util.cpp:175: Ice::UnknownE$
unknown exception:
exceptions.ValueError: expected sequence value
identity: E93371C1-D0B2-4535-A39B-40DA0C336BDD
operation: authenticate
remote host: remote port: 50743


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I'm on Ubuntu 12.04. On Debian I wasn't getting such a warning, so I don't really know...

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As an explanation on why you can connect then:

When the authenticator fails it falls back to Mumbles auth.

If you connect as a user which does not exist in Mumbles DB but phpbb DB, you should not be logged in as registered then though. Are you?

As for the actual issue …

Sorry, no idea.

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