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Unable to see overlay


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First off: Running things as admin is not the way to fix things …

You don’t need to run Mumble as admin at all.

When you run your game as user, you have to run Mumble as user to be able to see the overlay.

If you run the game as admin, you have to run Mumble as admin to be able to see the overlay.

That being said,

the Overlay works on OpenGL and Direct3D 9 engines/games currently.

So if you are trying it out on a DirectX 9Ex, 10 or 11 game, it won’t work (unless you use a community client, where work on those versions has been done).

If your friends report the overlay working for a specific game and game version, it should work for you as well though.

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From Issues with the game crashing and what not, and talking with tech support from the game they had me start running the game as admin. I have tried running mumbles first as admin.. and reg but nether way works. My guildies say they can see and use their overlay but I can't for whatever reason. The tech support with the game also had me switch the Compatability mode of the game to XP service pack 3 to make it smoother, not sure if that might effect it or not.

BTW the game is Star Wars the old Republic.

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