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How to make a "ON AIR" light up desk toy that lights up when I talk/TX ?


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One of these




But tiny and onmy desk


As far as the hardware that's super easy


My question is how do I get mumble to tell my thing that it is transmitting ?


Here I would build my ON AIR desktop toy


Start with an ESP32, an arduino compatible microcontroller with wifi capability


This can easily be powered from a simple usb charger


And the only addition is a single RED LED connected to GPIO#1


I would put in my wifi credentials and open a UDP port, wait for "TURNON" and "TURNOFF"  messages to control the light.


On my PC, I have a script,   onair.bat 


You run "onair.bat 1"  it sends the TURNON UDP packet and 0 for TURNOFF


All I need is for mumble to execute "onair.bat x" when transmitting/stop transmitting


How can I do this in a way that would work both windows and linux ?

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