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Windows Client: Time till Mumble starts


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First I thought it only on my system, but i heard it from others as well. On a windows system it takes quite a couple secounds of time from start of the mumble-client till the window-manager draws the first frame of Mummble.

Im not shure why that is the case and i guess there is not much that can be done until all the QT libarys are loaded.

Maybe a little "splash screen" would be nice so the user gets a feedback that he did started something till Mumble is fully loaded and operational would be a idear.

I admit however how much I hate the splash screen on Lotus Note for example.

Can you Post your time here with OS how long does it take for your system till you see the first screen of the mumble client?

On my Windows XP Notebook it takes about 20 sec. on first startuo till i can login.

((after first load and shutdown a re-startup only takes 8 sec.))

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