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Hyper links in windows 8


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Links in the chat don't work in windows 8 if you use a different default browser. I've banged my head against the keyboard for about an hour and a half trying to track down why. I use process monitor to watch as mumble accessed the registry. Looks like it loads "ieframe.dll" and it is refusing to load chrome. Not sure if it happens with other browsers also ie: firefox, opera, etc.

I'm guessing QT is using ieframe.dll for the chat view or something. So this should probably be submitted to the QT team as well. The only QT app I run is mumble so I have no way to verify that it is in fact QT.

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I don't think any of us has a windows 8 installation yet. As I'm not planning on updating anytime soon I guess I'll have to setup a VM.

Qt being the issue sounds plausible. Afaik we don't do anything funny with those urls.

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