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Mumble Lip Icon Isnt Glowing


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I just changed my windows from xp pro to win7 32bit just a week a ago. And when i downloaded Mumble Newst version and accepted all the certifcates and registerd and put all my usally settings like

Overlay Unticked

Push - to - talk with a button asigned etc.

Heres The problem is , when i enter i mumble server or a channel ! i press ppt and the lip icon beside my name doesnt glow or anythin it donst show that im saying something. even tho i press the ppt button which is mouse3 but i chnaged the key and stil nothing! it doesnt allow me to talk and the lip icon donst glow

it would b great if u guys gave me sugguestion which could help me

sorry for my english , i no it is bad :D

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