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How to convince people? MUMBLE IS THE BEST


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Hey guys...

I am having trouble convincing my Skype and TS using, lazy ass buddies to start using mumble. I have to give it to them - skype latency is pretty much the same as mumble. But it's so much more complicated!

Start skype, create group conversation, invite people etc... I just dont get why they prefer it. Its just what theyre used to I guess.

One of my buddies is reporting following problem: His USB headset that he sometimes connects and disconnects does not get recognized in mumble all the time. I think he has to restart mumble in order to get it to work. People ... With USB "gaming" headsets man... They will never learn...

He and some other people are reporting following behaviour: Sharp ear-tearing noises are heard when volume levels are high. I suspect it's just clipping of the audio signal and again I dont have any issues with that, maybe because I have a high quality sound card and they still use Onboard Crap? Maybe a limiter in mumble's audio processing would help here so they dont get their ears shred to pieces? But then again - I think it's their crappy audio cards.

Yeah... I am having a hard time convincing them. :(

I mean it's so easy - launch Mumble and thanks to the autoconnect youre on the last server & channel. Launch BF3, profit.

SO EASY and works so nice. :(

Help me guys, give me arguments. It is really bad - they even used TS today !!!! I mean - that's just a disaster!

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VS SKype

- No invite, just connect and discuss

- Create rooms when you don't want to chat with the other

- If you invite "anonymous" people, just give them your adress

skype was nice when there was 3 of us playing, but now that we are more than 10, it's a pain in the ass.

VS TeamSpeack

- Super latency !

- Nice quality by default

- Super quality when configured

however many comments iget are: "mumble is a bit hard to configure".

About the noize, it's due to poor audio cards.

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