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[Compatibility] Mic activation / Flash Player Issue


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I use Mumble for a while now, but I have a problem with the microphone detection / voice activation since a few days. I use "voice detection" to speak through Mumble, but this mode seems to interfere with Flash Player. I explain :

When I'm on Mumble AND watching a video on Youtube for example or anything using FlashPlayer, and I'm not speaking : if I start to talk then the voice detection doesn't stop and the microphone stays activated (making noises).

To stop it, I have to pause my video, then talk, and then stop to talk.

The problem appears only when I run Flash videos (maybe because Flash Player uses the same output as Mumble). I already tried to change the output, and to prevent Flash Player to use microphone and webcam but the problem stays.

Mumble is up to date (1.2.3) as well as Flash Player. And I didn't touch anything about the 2 softwares :s

OS : Windows 7 64bits

Any idea ? :)

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