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Windows 8 - Mumble overlay + steam overlay = crash


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I have upgraded to Windows 8 64bits and mumble overlay is causing some issues.

When running games from steam, the mumble overlay doesn't show. Even worse, it also kills the steam overlay (they seems to kill each other).

What can also happen, is that the game crashes when trying to open the steam overlay.

The faulty DLL causing the crash is the following : C:\Program Files (x86)\Mumble\mumble_ol.dll

Can you fix this plz? I'm using the latest mumble release (1.2.3).

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So to make things clear:

When you disable the mumble overlay, the steam overlay displays fine?


And when you disable the steam overlay, does the mumble overlay display fine?

No. The mumble overlay appears at start but when it gets refreshed (ex: somebody speaks), it crashes the overlay (and also the game sometimes).

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Ok, thanks for reporting.

Did you already file an issue in the bug tracker / check if one already exists?

Information on which DirectX APIs the games use would also be very useful.

DirectX / Direct3D versions (9? 9ex? 10? 11?), but also - which you probably can’t provide - Is the 11 API used to run 9ex? 10?.

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