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Can't log out as admin


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Sorry guys, I'm a bit of a lay-user.

Friend and I are starting a server. He has me register with lightspeedgaming to give me access to the server control panel. I click "Connect" on the control panel and voila! I am now logged in as admin. So I disconnect.

Log back on, connect to the server with my old profile, normal username and password... And it still shows me with username "admin".

So how do I stop being admin and start using my old username again?

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You did not provide information on what “connect” is specifically, and how it logs you in as admin.

I presume the link is a prepared link which has username and password in it, so you connect to the server with your Mumble client. And you are now asking how to connect to the server with your client as your old user again.

What I suspect is that your user certificate has been associated with the admin account.

However, this should also have happened with your old account before-hand, unless you created/changed the user certificate after logging out and before logging in as admin - or the “server control panel ” (whichever or whatever that is) has some special logic there, changing accounts certificates.

Even with username and password provided in the URI, I would expect you to be logged in with your account associated to the cert. But maybe Mumble handles URIs with uname + PW specially.

When you log in to a server, your user certificate is used as the primary source of account authentification. You will be assigned the correct account and username

Only if there is no account for your certificate with username + password authentification become effective.

Are you sure you had an account for your normal user?

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