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Can't connect to any server - solved


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I can see my ping to the servers and how many users there are, but I can't connect.

I already tried:

- disable QoS

- force TCP

- add firewall exceptions/disable firewall

- port forwarding

Edit: I now also tried to connect my PC directly to the modem (bypassing the router), but that didn't help either. (I tried that because it solved connection problems with the Curse Client, so I figured I'd give it a try.)

Edit: Some more tests. I connected my laptop via WLAN and LAN and both times it worked (without any problems at all), so I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my PC. But what?

The error (remote computer closed the connection).

I'm on Windows 7 x64.

I really need Mumble, help appreciated.

Solved: I just randomly (because why not) created a new certificate and now it works. The old one was NOT expired, but maybe it wasn't imported correctly.

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1) Have you installed mumble 1.2.3? Some users had trouble connecting to my server because they were using old versions of mumble.

2) Are you RUNNING mumble 1.2.3? Some of the aforementioned users had installed 1.2.3 but were still using the shortcut to the old version. If you are RUNNING 1.2.3, you should see the version number in the mumble taskbar.

EDIT: disregard, didnt see that you had screenshots linked. You are using 1.2.3

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