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Me and my friends started using mumble a few days ago and it's working fine for all except one of us. He's having this weird issue. When it's on voice activation, he stops talking, and mumble stops transmitting signal it won't ever start again.

He will then have to go into the options and turn it to continous and back again and then the same thing happens all over again.

He's on a windows 7 64 bit and his sound card is an unnamed AMD soundcard that's integrated into the motherboard.

the headset is a steelseries 5h v2 with the 3.5mm plugs (i.e. not usb)

I'm out of ideas and i would appriciate any feedback.

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So after switching to voice activation, he does not tansmit, then when he talks, he transmits, then he stops talking it stops transmitting, and now it will not transmit again despite him talking?

He did redo/recheck the audio wizard to make sure the levels for voice activation are ok?

Continuous and push to talk work as expected?

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You've understood the problem correctly. It's exactly as you say.

Continous is what he's using now at the moment and it's working as expected. Though the rest of us keep hearing ourselves as the sound gets looped from his headset speakers to the mic. Push to talk works as intended as well.

As for the audio wizard. To the extent of my knowledge he's been through that thing atleast twice and it hasn't helped any. We have been through the settings without the wizard too (i.e. he's checked the 'advanced' checkbox in the settings so he can access it all) and we've adjusted just about everything we could think of and nothing seems to change that one problem of voice activation.

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