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[SOLVED] spectator mode for mumble. delay


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I've been trying to broadcast live games of my friends playing the game League of legends. in the game they have a spectator mode where i can watch their games, but they have a delay of 3 minuets. so no one can cheat "Ghosting". at the same time they are all on mumble communicating but it is in real time. as a result their communications don't sync with the video. is there a way to make mumble temporarily record the audio then play it back to me at a 3 minuet delay. so that when i record everything all syncs together?

League of Legends is a popular game right now and many people are streaming games on line @ twitch.tv I think that this advancement in the software will be very popular.

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You have several options here.

You can fiddle with your systems audio devices, and use some drivers/software to introduce a delay. Just use your set up device as Mumbles output device.

Alternatively, use Mumbles recording feature to record the audio into a file, and play it back appropriately in your stream.

Yet another alternative, and probably the most precise while still relatively simple to set up (compared to option 1): Use a delying-bot like Eve-Bot https://gitorious.org/mumble-scripts/mumble-scripts/trees/master/Non-RPC/eveBot

It joins one channel, and plays back the audio 3 minutes later to a different channel.

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