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Having an Issue with Mumble Sound


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I am using windows 7 and up to date mumble. Every time i load up mumble it pushes my other applications sound to my computer speakers, not threw my headset. When I close mumble the sound comes back threw my headset. I would like the applications and mumble sound to come threw my headset and not use the computer speakers at all. If i turn off my pc speakers to try and force it to come threw the headset i get only the sound from mumble. Any help on this is would be great this is very annoying.

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Mumble doesn't have the ability to move audio output around. Unless you checked "Exclusive" mode for the output device - which reserves the device completely for mumble and would make this behavior sensible - this probably is an issue with your audio driver / audio configuration.

Try updating the driver and if that doesn't help check whether there is some - not mumble related - reports on similar issues out there that offer solutions. If not asking your audio device vendor what is going on might be the best course of action.

Out of curiosity. What audio device are we talking about?

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