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Cannot login as SuperUser


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Hello guys,

I am trying to install Murmur 1.2.3 as static linux version on Ubuntu 12.04

So far, everything went well, at the moment I'm trying to make myself admin on the server.

In the Murmurguide(http://mumble.sourceforge.net/Murmurguide#Becoming_Administrator_and_Registering_a_User) I am on step 6 of "Becoming Administrator and Registering a User"

Somehow it won't work, it keeps telling me "wrong password for user".

I assinged it to the SuperUser with this command:

./murmur.x86 -ini murmur.ini -supw mysuperuserpw


I already have restarted the mumbleserver, but with no success. I can only log in as normal User :-(

I'm hoping deeply, someone can help me with this!

Thanks for your help,


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