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Mumble audio out wont work on my plantronic voyager+ uc


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need help on this

i cant hear people talking, when using my plantronic(the usb dongle speaker as the speaker/output, and other people lips icon not blinking/works on this setup...

(i can talk and people can hear me)

other people looks simply goes silent when i set the plantronic(usb donle speaker) as audio out

audio input works fine with my plantronic

my plantronic works fine on anything(windows sound,multimedia, and other voip, skype,raidcall)

my pc setup :

-soundcard : asus stx

-plantronic voyager +uc(with bluetooth dongle bt300)

-beyer headphone + zalman mic (try disable this two, still got the issue)

-win 8 pro 64bit

tried disabled my other device still wont work, tried exclusive still get nothing...

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