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How to have Mumble attenuate itself?


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I use mumble most of the time without headphones. Because of this, if I activate my push-to-talk while someone else is talking there can be terrible echoing to other people. This also happens to my friends who don't use a headset. When things get exciting, and people start to talk over each other, or cut into a conversation, this can be very noisy and irritating.

Mumble/Windows can attenuate or dampen all other applications while my push-to-talk key is held, but how can I make it do the same to Mumble?

We're all running Windows 7 64-bit and the latest version of Mumble.

Edit: Crap, this should have been posted in Usage, sorry admins.

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We don't have this feature at the moment. If it's not already in our tracker you should consider creating a feature request. It's unlikely it will make it into this release but chances are good we might add it for the next one.

If you haven't already make sure you have echo cancellation enabled. It might help a bit.

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