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Set player's position on server (without client plugin)


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Can I set a player's positional audio position on the Murmur server instead of requiring client-side positional audio configuration?

I'm planning to host a Minecraft server and Mumble server for myself and some friends. I'd like to write a Minecraft server plugin that pipes player positions in-game into the Murmur server, setting each user's positional audio vectors. This will be easier for my friends because they won't have to configure a positional audio plugin in their clients. However, I can't find the relevant methods in Murmur's ICE API.

Is this possible?

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If there is nothing in the Ice API as you said, no, not at all.

The clients control how pos audio is used. Thus, to enable pos audio with your friends, each one would have to enable it anyway, and the pos audio data would have to match the enabled / an appropriate plugin.

There is no such general purpose plugin at the moment, that would allow custom pos data to be used.

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Ok, thanks.

It seems that Mumble does have a standard coordinate system and vector format for storing players' positions and headings, so position data received from other players should make sense regardless of the plugin that created the data. (obviously, if players are in totally different game servers, their relative positions won't make sense, but that isn't the case for my server)

However, I'm guessing that clients do not expect to receive their own position from the server, instead using the position data computed in the local plugin. So I'd either have to perform some server-side, per-client transformations on the position vectors within Murmur, or modify Murmur and Mumble to allow the server to tell a client its own position, overriding the locally-running plugin.

Thanks again!

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