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Cannot talk in mumble if more than 3 users in channel


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Hello, I have been using mumble on this pc fine for over a year now and all of a sudden when more than 3 users enter the channel I can hear them fine but lights stop lighting up next to their names when they q up to talk and if i try to use my p2t button the client locks up and I cannot be heard.

While acting up I can hear everyone fine without lag jsut the server stops responding to showing whom is speaking and I cannot. I have tried going into settings and making sure everything was set back to default, I have uninstalled and reinstalled mumble as well. I am at a loss as to why all of a sudden it is doing this to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated ty :)

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Spamming does not help.

Now you have two topics in two forums and a PM sent.

Please at least direct to the other thread, so if ppl check here they can find the other place, where more information may be provided, or a solution may be found.

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