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Help skinning Channel description.


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Hi, I'm having troubles skinning the channel description in the mumble snapshot.

1.I can't find the object name for the channel description when pressing "C" comment.

2.For the "On mouse over" channel description i'm using QToolTip but when using border-radius the background overflows it. (Example:http://i.imgur.com/w5x62.jpg)

Code used:

QToolTip {

background: #333;

margin: 2px;

border: 1px solid #878787;

border-radius: 5px;


I already tried to use designer to find the channel description when pressing comment with no avail so any help would be appreciated.

EDIT:Ok im pretty sure now that the On click channel description was a QWhatsThis::showText() and i'm pretty sure that is not stylable.

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-1444 If this is true this is being a problem since 2010... I'll search for a workaround.

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