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Deafen myself without Muting myself?


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From what I've seen, this is more a feature request than a how to, but if someone can inform me how to do this, that would be great too.

Basically, I'm wanting to use mumble in the same room on two separate computers. This causes problems with feedback normally. So the idea is to have one of the computers deafened on mumble, and for both people to listen to the audio from one machine, yet talk separately. This lets both people chat independently on the same mumble server.

So, having the deafen toolbar button being able to be set independently of the mute toolbar button, would be wonderful.

I can't put on the bugtracker to post a feature request, it just keeps asking me to create an account, despite my already having one.

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That is currently not possible.

That is because in the usual and way more common use-case when you don’t hear anything, being able to talk is really not wanted by the user or the other users.

In your case, why not simply turn down the volume? Either the systems, or Mumbles volume specifically. That should do exactly what you need.

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