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Mumble Makes My Keyboard Stop Working


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When I go into the Mumble setup menu, or the audio configuration wizard, the keyboard stops working as soon as I "ok" the dialog box. I don't know if this is all that causes this behavior. I'm running Windows 8 and just started using Mumble with it. I have never used this keyboard (Logitech Illuminated) with Mumble either, but it's a pretty popular one. To get the keyboard working again, I have to unplug it, then plug it back in. Then if I go back into mumble, it makes the keyboard stop working again. Even if I close mumble, the keyboard is still not working. Is there a workaround for this?

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I have tested the keyboard at a number of points of usage...

1. Start Mumble

2. Press "Connect" button to connect to my server.

3. Open the Configure menu

4. Close the Configure menu (without selecting any menu item)

5. Open the Settings window (within Configure)

6. Cancel the Settings window

7. Open Settings window, then press "OK".

The keyboard operates still after steps 1-6. (tested after every step) After step 7, it fails to operate.

Here's another thing that makes the keyboard fail:

1. Configure->Audio Wizard

That's it - just open the Audio Wizard. It fails even before I press anything in the dialog.

There are a number of things I can do that leave the keyboard still working:

1. Server->Information->Ok

2. Help->about->Ok

3. Help->Check For Updates

4. Self->Mute

5. Self->Change Comment->Ok (setting the comment to a non-empty string)

6. Configure->Certificate Wizard->Cancel


Now, here is some very important information...

I tried using a keyboard by a different manufacturer. It's a macally icekey keyboard (designed for Mac).

This keyboard was not disabled by Mumble+Windows.

Hopefully that's a valuable clue. (Does Mumble communicate with the keyboard at a low level?)

When I get a chance, I will install Mumble to my Mac and try the Logitech keyboard with that.

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Do you use a special driver or software for your keyboard?

Does it stop somehow?

No, Mumble should not interfere with your keyboard at all like that, AFAIK.

Mumble does however support Logitechs G15 LCD display. Does your keyboard support that/such an LCD?

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This keyboard is pretty basic. I use it because it has scissor switches (very quiet), and is lighted. Like many keyboards, it does allow the function keys to be used in a Windows-specific way by holding down a "FN" key and then typing the appropriate function key (e.g., FN-F2 will open your mail app). It also has a few other keys related to sound and keyboard light on/off (which all work under windows 8, unlike with windows Vista).

I had been using the default driver for the keyboard (non-Logitech-specific), and even then the special function keys worked, so I guess they are somewhat of a standard. I also noticed my Razer Naga mouse was registering as both a mouse and keyboard (it has a numeric keyboard on the side). I had not installed the Razer driver for that. I decided to try a simpler mouse, so I was left with just one keyboard. Still, the problem persisted. Finally, I installed Logitech's own driver software. And still, I have the problem when running mumble. The keyboard works under all other applications that I have, though I haven't had Windows 8 for very long. I noticed that when the problem occurs, the lights on my keyboard dim to about half brightness for a second and then are restored to full brightness. I'm thinking that perhaps its doing some sort of a keyboard reset.

Here's a link to the keyboard on the Logitech web site. It's been out for some time...

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