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I captured ping packets. I found that 2 udp packets and 6 tcp packets are sent from server and client.

I know 2 udp packet are ping packet. Now, what i want to know is the purpose of 6 tcp packets.

actually these packets are too big in the mobile environment.

so, please give me some idea related to the 6 tcp packets.

thank you.



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The file mumble-protocol from our code repository provides details on the protocol we use for Mumble.

Also, we use protobuf, so the file Mumble.proto describes all the packet-types we use.

As you said you captured ping packets, I guess you were not connected to a server.

When pinging (from mumbles server list) it also communicates the number of connected users for example.

You pointed to the mobile environment.

What are we talking about here?

On what kind of device and setup do you use the Desktop client?

Or are we not talking about the desktop client anyway?

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