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I'm having an issue with one user on my server getting audio dropped fairly frequently. He is using a Windows 1.2.3 client connecting to a Linux 1.2.2 server. I don't seem to have anything useful in the server logs (I see the connection, the remote host closed connection). Reconnecting solves the problem for a while.

I've had him test with loopback modes for "server" and "localhost" and he can hear himself on localhost but not with loopback server. Can anyone shed some light on the problem or suggest any other tests?


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Tell him to try disabling QoS.

If that helps, his networking (router or networking driver) is broken. Leaving QoS disabled is a sane solution.

If that does not help, tell him to try TCP-only mode.

That’s not a sane solution, but could iron out an UDP / UDP-routing issue.

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