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Jackd support?


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Hey guys, running ubuntu here (lucid). everything works great, pulseaudio & mumble work great together, but what if i am such a fool :mrgreen: who wants Jackd running and pulseaudio behind it.

For now the only option is to run pulseaudio over jack, loading the pulseaudio jack plugins and then patch it any way you like.

But i want more. So is it possible to 'jackify' the output settings for linux so Jack is in that list, just like alsa, pulse, oss? And so you can choose jack as an output/input, and not run it via Pulseaudio. Cause i use pulse for the sound of my browser, video, audioplayers, etc. Everything else that's jack-able is now run over jack and i use patchage to patch my inputs/outputs, works very nice. Thanks!

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