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How to Download Mumble on Windows 8


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Dustin Thank you for contacting support, my name is Dustin how may I help you today?

Kyouria Hello

Kyouria I recently got a new Asus Win 8 laptop and am having difficulties installing Mumble

Dustin hi

Kyouria The .msi file doesn't seem compatible

Kyouria the download source is: http://download.mumble.com/en/mumble-1.2.3a.msi

Dustin I am sorry but we do not support the use of windows 8 at this time

Dustin your best bet for help would be the mumble creators forums

Dustin here is a link

Kyouria Really? I installed it and it worked perfectly fine with HP Envy Win 8

Dustin http://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/mumble/

Kyouria But due to other technical problems, I returned hP Envy win 8 and got this asus win 8

Kyouria Is it compatible with some win 8 laptops and not others?

Dustin Like I said, your best bet would be the creators of mumble on their forums


That's not true because I USED Mumble on my Windows 8 Laptop (HP Envy m6 Entertainment Laptop).

But on my Asus Windows 8 Laptop, it won't run the .msi file for it.

How come it worked on one Win 8 computer, but not this one?

Is it fully compatible with games? I read that there were crashes in Mumble @ Win 8 computers, if Overlay is turned out. Overlay is so useful though!

Thanks in advance.

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The installer should work with Windows 8. Make sure it didn't get corrupted during download.

Also I'd recommend using the current 1.2.4 beta Version as it has some fixes for Windows 8 (none which affect the installer though). 1.2.3 is pretty old by now and was released well before we did any testing with Windows 8.

I'm running Mumble 1.2.4 beta on Windows 8 64bit myself. Works great. I don't know about any crashes we would cause on that platform.

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