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My name is Luke and looking to improuve my clan gaming experience while still using Mumble. To many gamers it is critical to click ready, battle, Go, ect. at the same time in order to ensure game server syncronisation. My suggestion is quite simple, by adding a button with a sound, like the one ive created for this purpose. Please follow link bellow. This way it would make it incredebly accurate for all player to click all at once to enter at same time on game server. Im certain many will like this.

Example: by clicking a chrono button ''in Mumble'' on left side of parameters, a sound will play for all to ear in the channel you are in. This way many channels can use this button without all channels to ear this sound. Of coarse, i can allready imagine people abusing this button just to get on every ones nerves. Maybe an option to activate/deactivate chrono sound?

Link to audio example... Hosted on my dropbox.:


Button suggestion:http://cdn1.iconfinder.com/data/icons/oxygen/48x48/actions/chronometer.png


Thanks for tanking the time we all need to make our games more accessible.

Looking forward to read replies...


PS you might have noticed im name Vasectomized_dad... Well its simply cause some times its better to shoot blanks then shoot blindly ;)

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That is a very specific use-case.

Mumble features low latency, which should allow you to do the countdown yourself.

Alternatively, you could use a bot which you let join Mumble, and start a countdown via chat command, right-click menu, or a web-interface.

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