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Problems with Verizon Fios?


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I am hosting a mumble server at a separate location from my house, and a few of us have the reported robotic voice issue and occasional disconnections, and coincidentally we all have Verizon Fios. When we log in at first, we have pretty normal ping, but then it quickly has 1K+ variance and averages in 500~ range. The rest of the users have Time Warner and they have perfect quality and connection. Is this a Verizon side issue, or perhaps something with the router configuration?

Thanks for any help.

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Remote diagnostics with such little information is always pretty vague but for me it sounds like a problem with either the connection itself (routing to that special server or in general) or the ISP supplied hardware (if any and if it is common to that service). I'd recommend watching the ping to that host and others over a longer period of time under idle and load (=mumble^^) conditions and watch out for lost packages and ping spikes. That should give you an idea of whether these connectivity issues only occur on the route to that server (routing issue somewhere on the way?), when running Mumble (might hint on your router choking?), etc.

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