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Mumble crashes upon trying to connect or configure


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Hi, I haven't made any big computer changes recently but Mumble has become completely unusable. It freezes up and I have to shut it down via Task Manager if I try to connect to any server or check/change any of the settings. It also shuts down the audio for my whole system.

Using Win 7 64, let me know what other information is useful to you and I'll provide it.


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Even waiting 2 or 3 minutes does not make it responsive again?

It *can* take some time on first start-up and first connection (DLL library loading and stuff).

It also hangs when merely checking the settings (opening the settings dialog)? Really?

As for the no-audio-for-the-other-stuff, do you have exclusive mode enabled by chance? Disable it.

When does it stop other audio output? Even before Mumble freezes? Or when it freezes?

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Hi, the problem randomly went away for a few weeks...and has now randomly reappeared.

I have tried leaving it for several minutes and it remains unresponsive.

Yes, really! Sometimes it even works fine until I try to change settings. It will either not open the settings window at all, and freeze up the program, or open the settings window but become unresponsive when I change something (like switching to PTT from Voice-Activity). Usually this is when it also knocks out the audio for my whole system and I have to shut everything down via task manager and then reboot.

Rebooting seems to reset my system audio, but the same problem-cycle continues with mumble regardless.

At the moment, I can't get the settings to open at all so -- though I'm 99% sure exclusive mode is already disabled -- I am unable to actually check it.

Thanks for your reply. Let me know if you think of anything! Cheers

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