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Ace of Spades Positional Audio support


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Hi all

This is my first time posting on these forums and i came from

http://buildandshoot.com/ with a request.

Can we have support for positional audio in Ace of Spades?

Let me introduce the game, Ace of Spades is a recent multiplayer shooter game similar on Minecraft, but with guns.

It was bought out by the, now community notorious, game company Jagex who most would say ruined the game with their 1.0 patch.

The game now runs off a fan based website called Build and Shoot, where users play the games beta build. This is considered the best build before it went downhill.

The game is not as popular as it use to be but can regain popularity with this new support.

Please, may you please add positional audio support for the Ace of Spades prototype.

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