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Using Mumble 1.1.6 with 1.2.3, and headset question


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I am trying to set up a simple low resource voice chat for talking between myself and my parents when I'm remotely working on their computer. Nobody else will be using this chat except the two of us. You can see below that neither system we will be running this on has much horsepower, and one is running a quite old version of Ubuntu, so I'm looking for recommendations on which system should run Murmur. Paridoxically, the system with the outdated OS has the better hardware. I chose Mumble/Murmur because I doubt either system has the horsepower to run a full-featured commercial VOIP client.

System #1: Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid, Intel Pentium E2180 dual core 2Ghz, 2.0Gb memory, Mumble/Murmur 1.1.6

System #2: LinuxMint 13 (based on Ubuntu 12.04 I believe), Intel Celeron single core 2.4Ghz, 1.25Gb memory, Mumble/Murmur 1.2.3

Also, I'm looking for recommendations on decent headsets. No gaming, stereo or high quality audio needed, just "telephone quality" conversation. I would actually prefer a single-sided headset so one ear is left uncovered. I was thinking headsets so that echo cancellation could possibly be turned off in Mumble, saving resources. However, buying the wrong headsets could cause more problems than it solves, so I'm asking for advice before purchase. I found one inexpensive headset that might be OK. Anyone used this or have a better recommendation? I would like to keep headset cost below $20 or $25 (each) if possible.


Thanks in advance for any assistance/suggestions!

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OK, after further research, I see the only way to do this is to run the 1.1.6 Murmur server on the Ubuntu Intrepid system, and then use the backwards comparible 1.1.x Mumble client to connect from the LinuxMint13 system. There is no way the 1.1.6 client can connect to a 1.2.3 server. So that question about "which system to run Murmur on?" has been answered.

I am still looking for recommendations on a good headset to use though.


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