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Everyone Sounds Like Robots


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So I was on mumble when my friend linked something in the chat, but when I clicked on it, my screen and my computer froze (not sure what happened), when my computer unfroze, everyone on mumble sounded like robots. I haven't touched any settings or anything for mumble to change in anyway, yet everything was distorted. After finally getting fed up with it, I decided to use skype, but again it was the same problem. I then checked TeamSpeak, but that was working perfectly fine. I reinstalled both skype and mumble several times and finally got skype to work again; but I still haven't had any luck with Mumble.

I've tried using http://www.mumble.com/support/mumble-server-robotic-distorted-voice.php in every variation I can think of but it doesn't change it at all. Again, I've re downloaded it several times but still no luck. If anyone has a fix to this, please help! It would be greatly appreciated :)


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